Guidelines and FAQs

CAPC’s first Tipping Point Challenge focuses on solutions and skill-building that will improve the delivery and quality of care for people living with a serious illness, and their families.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • CAPC member organizations are automatic participants.
  • There is no application.
  • Your organization may opt-out at any time.
  • The Tipping Point Challenge will measure Course Completions and Designations.
  • Member organizations and individuals will compete only within their Tipping Point Challenge type: Hospital > 150 beds; Hospital < 150 beds; Critical Access; Hospice (ADC>150); Hospice (ADC<150); Long Term Care; Home Health Agency; Medical Group/Population Management; Health Plan




  • What is the duration of the Challenge?

    This year’s Tipping Point Challenge will take place over the course of  2019 — CAPC’s 20th anniversary year (January 10-December 31, 2019). Taking courses and achieving Designation status takes time so we have taken that into account.

  • What are the key dates?

    • The Tipping Point Challenge kicks off on January 10, 2019
    • Frontrunner organizations will be announced  in November 2019 at the CAPC National Seminar
    • Winning organizations and individuals will be announced in January 2020.

  • What is the judging process?

    CAPC measures and reports back monthly to member organization administrators regarding Course Completions and Designations. Frontrunner and winning organizations and individuals will be determined based on the data.

  • What do we win?

    Winning organizations will each receive a $1,000 honorarium for their institution. In addition, CAPC will promote their success within their institution, to the national press and to their local press. Each winning organization will also receive a certificate of achievement, be highlighted at the 2020 CAPC National Seminar (with one free registration) and featured on the CAPC blog. Individual winners will receive a $100 gift certificate, will be awarded a certificate of recognition, and will be included in all promotional activities announcing the winners.

  • What is the benefit of using CAPC's resources to compete?

    The 2019 Tipping Point Challenge measures CAPC Course Completions and Designation. By taking full advantage of CAPC and, you gain: access for all staff of the organization to all courses; tools, metrics, and technical assistance; free MOCs; and free CEUs and CMEs (available now). Designation status; access to national subject-matter experts, national leaders, and best practices. CAPC provides what you need to improve and standardize the care of serious illness.

  • How will we know our progress and status?

    CAPC reports monthly to member organization administrators regarding Course Completions and Designations. The report includes the Tipping Point Challenge type you’re competing within.  We will also announce those who moved forward in the competition per the timeline noted on this website.

  • What is the difference between the Tipping Point Challenge and the Project Tipping Point campaign?

    Project Tipping Point is a CAPC five-year campaign aimed at expanding patient access to the principles and practices of palliative care — among palliative care specialists and other specialties and disciplines alike — by 2024.  The campaign kicks off with the Tipping Point Challenge.

  • Will there be additional requirements along the way?

    No. CAPC will track the progress of all member organizations. Winners will be notified in January 2020.

  • Will you ask our permission to make our status public?


  • Can we opt-out?

    Yes, at any time. Just use the Contact Form here.

  • How do we get started?

    Just log in to and take the courses you want or need. See our Resources section. We provide an on-demand webinar briefing from Diane Meier, MD, a How-To Guide, video message and more as part of our technical assistance.

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