Guidelines and FAQs

CAPC’s first Tipping Point Challenge focused on solutions and skill-building that will improve the delivery and quality of care for people living with a serious illness, and their families.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • CAPC member organizations were automatic participants.
  • There was no application.
  • Organizations could opt-out at any time.
  • The first Tipping Point Challenge measured Course Completions and Designations.
  • Member organizations and individuals competed only within their Tipping Point Challenge type: Hospital > 150 beds; Hospital < 150 beds; Critical Access; Hospice (ADC>150); Hospice (ADC<150); Long Term Care; Home Health Agency; Medical Group/Population Management; Health Plan



  • Was there an application or signup?

    There was no application or signup. CAPC member organizations were automatically part of the competition.

  • Was this a challenge for organizations or individuals?

    Both. It was the individuals within each member organization who took the courses and received Designation status. We therefore named winning organizations and winning individuals. Winning organizations and individuals were determined by the data.

  • Could you participate if you were not a CAPC members?

    Not for the first Challenge.  The second Challenge will be focused on innovation and will be open to all health care organizations nationwide. However, if your organization is interested in becoming a CAPC member, contact us at 212-201-2674 or

  • How did organizations compete against organizations that were bigger or smaller?

    Every member organization is judged only within their Tipping Point Challenge type:

    Hospital (>150 beds)
    Hospital (<150 beds)
    Critical Access
    Hospice (ADC>150)
    Hospice (ADC<150)
    Long Term Care
    Home Health Agency
    Medical Group/Population Management
    Health Plan

  • How did the first Challenge work?

    You needed to take as many courses and achieve as many Designations as possible.  We believe this to be the first step in creating quality improvement for all patients – but especially those living with a serious illness. We need to reach the tipping point of change in every health care organization.

  • How will the second Challenge work?

    The John A. Hartford Tipping Point Challenge is a national competition to catalyze the spread of skills, ideas, and solutions that will improve health care delivery for all people living with a serious illness. The second Challenge will focus on high-impact innovation. It will take place over the course of two years, and it will be open to member and nonmember organizations alike.


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