Guidelines and FAQs

CAPC’s second John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge focuses on innovative initiatives that will improve the delivery and quality of care for people living with a serious illness, and their families.

Eligibility and Guidelines

  • Submission of the full project took place April 1-30, 2021.
  • Both CAPC member and nonmember organizations were invited to participate.
  • Multiple organizations could collaborate on a single initiative, and sign up and submit together, across one, two, or all three categories of innovation.
  • Initiatives must have started after January 1, 2017.
  • COVID-19, Health Equity, and upstream palliative care initiatives were welcome and fit within all three categories of innovation.
  • The following areas were evaluated: Impact, Evidence-Base, Feasibility, Scalability, and Sustainability.



  • What is the Tipping Point Challenge?

    The John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge is a national competition sponsored by the Center to Advance Palliative Care and The John A. Hartford Foundation. The goal is to catalyze the spread of skills, ideas, and solutions that will improve health care delivery for all people living with a serious illness.  We aim to create a tipping point of change in the care of serious illness across the US.

    Taking place over the course of 10 months, the second Challenge was focused on high-impact innovation. It was open to member and nonmember organizations alike.

  • Was this a challenge for organizations or individuals?

    This was a Challenge between organizations. However, individuals or groups of individuals submitted on behalf of their organization(s), in one, two, or all three categories of innovation. Multiple organizations may have collaborated on a single initiative and submitted together.

  • Could you have submitted innovations that had to do with COVID-19 or Health Equity?

    Yes! Innovative initiatives that have stemmed from COVID-19, Health Equity, and upstream palliative care could fit any of the three categories of innovation. All of these issues have stretched practice and minds.

  • Could you participate if you were not a CAPC member?

    You did not have to be part of a CAPC member organization to participate. The second Challenge is focused on innovation and was open to all health care organizations nationwide. CAPC membership, however, enables you to use all of CAPC’s courses for skill-building, and CAPC’s breadth of technical assistance. If your organization is interested in becoming a CAPC member, contact us at 347-835-3367 or


  • What was the timeline?

    • June 2020-March 2021: Sign Up
    • April 2021: Full Project Submission
    • July 2021: Top 25 Finalists Announced
    • October 2021: Winners Announced

  • What was the judging process?

    CAPC used a scoring rubric to assess submissions. All submissions were scored and winners selected by an expert panel chosen by CAPC. The following categories were evaluated: Impact, Evidence-Base, Feasility, Scalability, and Sustainability.

  • What were the awards?

    Gold, silver, and bronze awards were given in each area of innovation. We  acknowledged initiatives that have been implemented as well as those in the planning stage.

    Winning organizations each received an honorarium. In addition, CAPC promoted their success within their institution, to all other organizations, to the national press and to their local press. Each winning organization also received a certificate of achievement, and they will be featured on the CAPC blog and through social media and other CAPC channels.

  • Was there a benefit to using CAPC's resources to compete?

    You did not have to be a CAPC member organization to participate. Membership was not taken into account. However, by taking advantage of CAPC membership and, organizations are able to gain access for all staff to all courses, tools, metrics, and technical assistance; free CEs; free ABIM MOC points for physicians; Designation status; access to national subject-matter experts, national leaders, and best practices.

  • How do you know the status of your submission?

    CAPC announced and notified the Top 25 finalists at the end of July 2021. The winners were announced on October 27, 2021.

  • What is the difference between the Tipping Point Challenge and the Project Tipping Point campaign?

    Project Tipping Point is a CAPC five-year campaign aimed at improving the care of serious illness among palliative care specialists and all other specialties and disciplines alike—by 2024. The Tipping Point Challenge is the cornerstone of the campaign.

  • When will the next Challenge begin?

    CAPC will announce the parameters for round three of the Challenge in 2022.

  • Questions?

    For any questions about the Tipping Point Challenge, please email Melissa Baron at

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